Amazon: iPhone Charger Lightning Cable only $7.50 W/Code (Reg. $29.99)
Amazon: iPhone Charger Lightning Cable only $7.50 W/Code (Reg. $29.99)
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$ 29
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  • Get: 4Colors(Green Pink Purple Blue) 4Packs(6ft 3ft 3ft 1ft), Including a green iphone charger 6FT lightning cable, a pink iphone charger 3FT lightning cable, a purple iphone charger 3FT lightning cable,and a blue iphone charger 1FT lightning cable.
  • Safety: The metal connectors on both sides of the charging cable have completely grounded wires, which has completely eliminated the safety accident of electric leakage. The charging cable has passed international certification standards: CE certification, Rohs certification, FCC certification. Provide you with the most comprehensive protection for safe use.
  • Performance: The charging current is 2.4A, and the charging conductor of the power cord is a high-speed twist of 46 tinned copper, which can improve the charging speed by 30%. There are high-elastic nylon wires inside and outside the charging line, which can withstand 20,000 times of folding and withstand a pulling force of 200KG.
  • Application: 4Packs(6ft 3ft 3ft 1ft) length suitable for all venues, used for mobile power, car charging, watching movies on the bedside, playing games on the sofa, working in the study, in the office, etc. Four colors (green, pink, purple, and blue) are used in different products. There are obvious differences between different products, and charging cables for family members can also be separated by color.
  • Warranty: If there is any problem with the product, we will give you the most satisfactory solution within 24 hours of receiving the feedback email. If there is any quality problem in the product within 12 months, we provide the most satisfactory customer service. Let all customers using our charging line get the best shopping experience.
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